What happens when you put a woman in charge?

There were only 15 women in the list of 300 top-paid CEOs but they outperformed their male peers when it came to delivering for shareholders.

When ranked by total shareholder return (TSR), women CEOs took out three of the top 10 positions while taking home pay packets that were lower than their male peers, according to The Australian Financial Review Salary Survey 2015.

Blackmores CEO Christine Holgate delivers value to shareholders. 

Number two on the list for best TSR was the head of 1-Page, Joanna Weidenmiller, whose pay of $955,641 makes her this year’s 268th-highest paid CEO.

The TSR ranking, developed by remuneration consultants Egan Associates, looked at total investment return for each security in the year to June 30, 2015, and found little correlation between pay and performance.

The average pay packet for a top 300 CEO is now $3 million, or more than 50 times the average Australian salary.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/workplace-relations/female-ceos-deliver-the-best-value-to-shareholders-mining-chiefs-the-worst-20151210-glk8qo#ixzz469jikp4z


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