NFAW have looked at how the election’s shaping up for women

There are more important things than #faketradie (gasp!), like how election policies play out for (young) women.

For the first time, Australia’s leading think tank on issues impacting Australian women the National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW) has included a detailed  analysis of the major parties election policies and their impact on young women in the NFAW’s ELECTION 2016: policies and their impact on women.

Prepared by a team of well informed and energetic young women, the chapter on young women focuses on the policies that concern them most including:

  • Underemployment
  • The spiralling costs of higher education (HELP)
  • Domestic violence but more specifically sexual violence towards young women
  • Discrimination towards the LGBT community.

We know what this election means for big business, small business, climate change, tax and super reform but very little about the 50 per cent of the population who is often disadvangtaged or discriminated against in policy formulation.

Read more here 3 Young women FINAL 18 June

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