Health is a hot topic, now what about health and women?

NFAW’s ELECTION 2016: policies and their impact on women, here’s their summary on the health policies of the three major parties

Australian women enjoy some of the best health care and outcomes in the world.1 However, the way in which women experience the health system continues to be shaped by gender and some groups lack adequate and equitable access to health services. In particular, Indigenous women, women with a disability, women in rural and remote areas, migrant and refugee women, women as carers, older women, and lesbian and bisexual women, have been identified as at a greater risk of poor health outcomes.2


The current National Women’s Health Policy was released in 20103, and requires updating to ensure that it continues to provide a contemporary plan for addressing the inherent inequality in access to health services.  Get the full story here…….5 health FINAL for 18 June

Women’s Health Policy  Nil Develop a new Women’s Health Policy.

Establish women’s advisory committees and diversity units in all federal government departments.

The Greens support:

1. A national women’s health policy.

2. Government funding for an independent women’s health peak body to provide advice and support in developing women’s health policy including $225,000 p.a. for 4 years.

3. Establishment of women’s advisory committees and diversity units in all federal government departments.

4. Funding for an ongoing national conversation on sustainable funding of women’s health initiatives, Including $100,000 towards a conference on women’s health.4

The Greens have also announced a plan to expand access to affordable abortion and contraception services by investing $15 million. The plan would:

1. Support decriminalisation of abortion under State law.

2. Increase access via public hospitals by establishing the Task Force on Abortion and Contraception funded at $2 million p.a.



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