Women’s representation in WA

With a poor track record of women participating and progressing in corporate life in Perth, the Committee for Perth undertook a two-year long, gender equity research project – Filling the Pool, which culminated in a report published in 2015.

The project aimed to:

  • Produce a clear understanding of Perth’s corporate landscape in terms of middle to senior level women;
  • Identify the similarities and difference of that landscape with other Australian capital cities;
  • Provide recommendations to retain professional women and increase participation rates; and
  • Provide women with a guide to success in the corporate world.

Facts  to ponder:

  • In the top 80 firms there are less than half the national average number of female directors, less than half the number of female CEOs and less than a third the number of female board chairs.
  • The gender pay gap in Perth is the largest in Australia, at 25.3%.
  • Lack of gender equality represents a loss to the Australian economy of around $300 billion a year.

Will there be a follow up report to measure actions implemented and results achieved? We’d love to see that, stay tuned.

Read the report here CFP-Filling-the-Pool-Report as well as media releases, news stories and the roadmap on the website.

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