Is gender inequity in-built in architecture?

The architectural profession, represented by the Australian Institute of Architects, began its efforts to promote gender equity and equal pay with three years of research funded by the Australian Research Council and industry partners.

The research was conducted between April 2011 and May 2014 by the University of Queensland and Melbourne University.

Since 1990 women have represented 40 to 44 per cent of graduates.

The number of registered female architects falls away dramatically from the age 30.

About one fifth of registered architects are female, compared with about half of solicitors and 36 per cent of medical practitioners.

The Institute of Architects argues that one of the benefits of retaining women in the profession is that it would lead to the design of more humane physical environments.

Women are not making it to the top of the pile in sufficient numbers. Only 22 per cent of women are owner/managers compared with 41 per cent of male architects.

This explains why women dominate the lower levels of remuneration (up to $1,500 per week) whilst men significantly dominate remuneration above this level.

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Visit which brings together research, opinion and resources covering women, equity and architecture in Australia.

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