Gina Rinehart one of the few women who can say that’s mine…

A report released from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency on Tuesday found that despite an increase in women’s participation in the workforce over that time, women are still much more likely to hold CEO or key management personnel roles – and earn more money – in female-dominated industries than male-dominated industries.

The report lists some female-dominated organisations as healthcare, social assistance, education and training. Almost 80 per cent of those employed in the healthcare and social assistance industries are women, up from 76 per cent in 1995. And females now make up 70 per cent of workers in the education and training sector, five per cent more than in 1995.

But men still dominate in sectors including construction and wholesale trade. In fact, female representation in these sectors declined. For example in construction, the percentage of female employees in 1995 was 14.8 per cent, but by 2015 that fell to 12 per cent. And there was little improvement in mining.

The number of women in financial and insurance services dropped from 58.1 per cent in 1995 to 51.1 per cent in 2015.

Read more here.

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