Diversity in creative agencies: survey findings from The Agency Circle

1200 staff from creative agencies in Australia completed the survey conducted by The Agency Circle.

Here’s some of the topline findings, averaged out across all participating agencies:

The industry skews young and caucasian, senior roles skew male, account services skews female, creatives skew male, HR/finance/admin roles skew female and tech roles skew male.

  • The industry is 85% caucasian, 15% non-caucasian, 6% Asian and just one Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander completed the survey
  • 53% female, 46% male, 1% other
  • CEO/MD roles were 84% male, 16% female
  • Creative and design roles are 71% male, 29% female
  • Account management roles are 64% female, 36% male
  • 45% of the respondents were under 30, 30% were in their 30s and less than 20% were over 40

Read more at http://www.adnews.com.au/news/true-state-of-agencies-revealed-the-agency-circle-results-are-in#TJ4sesBwMw8BcjA1.99

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