Banks #beanamechanger

Westpac: 2/9, more men named Peter than women

Board of Directors: Lindsay, Brian, Nerida, Ewen, Alison, Craig, Peter 1, Peter 2, Peter 3

Commonwealth: 4/10

Chair: Catherine

CEO: Matt

Directors: Shirish, David, Brian, Andrew, Mary, Wendy, Anne, Rob

NAB: 3/10

Chair: Ken

CEO: Andrew

Directors: David, Philip, Peeyush, Anne, Geraldine, Doug, Ann, Anthony

ANZ: 3/9, almost as many Johns as women

Chair: David

CEO: Shayne

Directors: Ilana, Paula, Jane, John, Lee, Graeme, John

Suncorp-Medway: 3/8

Chair: Zygmunt

Directors: Michael, Audette, Sally, Simon, Christine, Douglas, Lindsay

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