Women make up 51 per cent of the world’s population. But gender equality is still nowhere within reach.

The goals of fiftyonepercent:

  • To create an alliance of organisations to promote gender equity and balance, to leverage the power of what’s happening now
  • To set and monitor targets to evalute the progress towards gender equity
  • To fund research into gender equity
  • To lobby for gender equity, at all levels of government including the preparation of Senate submissions on such issues as  violence against women, education, training, employment, finances and child care
  • To promote holistic gender equity solutions that recognise that these issues are inter-related and that addressing them will produce positive outcomes for women / men / families / businesses / communities / the economy / countries / the world.

The quote on the home page of this website is a saying of The Hon Julia Gillard, former PM. I first heard her say it in person at the annual Women’s Leadership Forum for Layne Beachley’s Aim for the Stars Foundation. I had a chance to meet her just recently at the AFTS morning tea and asked if I could quote her on fiftyonepercent. She agreed! But with the caveat I make it clear that she didn’t originate this saying. So thank you Miss Gillard, attribution completed…….

Liz Rowell

About Me

Founder and CEO of creative agency Red Ark, Board Director, Advisory Board member, Mentor, Ambassador, Speaker, multi-national marketing experience. Gender equity is of particular importance to me. Currently helping to plan the agenda for the Global Summit of Women to be held in Sydney next year.  Come along! It will be amazing. April 2018 at the ICC Sydney.