Slow work on the Global Gender Gap

The most challenging gender gaps remain in the economic and health spheres. Given the continued widening of the economic gender gap, it will now not be closed for another 217 years.

The Dream Gap for Girls

As girls get older, their confidence decreases – from 56 per cent of girls viewing themselves as confident at 10, to 44 per cent by the time they reach 17, to just 27 per cent when they reach adulthood (18-25).  

Women with children the biggest losers from divorce

This report explores the financial impact of divorce in Australia… It look sat patterns of divorce in Australia, across individuals and families, and the financial impact of divorce on home ownership, employment status and household income and assets, including superannuation and debt. It also looks at the effect of divorce on spending on children and education outcomes.

Domestic Violence 2 AHRC collecting DV data now

Domestic and family violence is a feature in a high proportion of homicides in Australia. Data from the Australian Institute of Criminology shows that the most common relationship between a homicide victim and offender is a domestic relationship.3
Of the 479 homicide incidents in Australia from 2010 to 2012, 196 occurred in a domestic context. This is over 40 percent of all homicides in Australia.

Domestic Violence 1 AHRC Fact Sheet

This fact sheet focuses specifically on domestic and family violence, which is most often perpetrated in the home against women by their male current or former partner.

The Australian Gender Equality Scorecard

The new data shows some encouraging signs – a continued downward trajectory of the gender pay gap, increased women’s representation in leadership and that more employers are taking action to address gender inequality. But progress is modest at best.