Slow work on the Global Gender Gap

The most challenging gender gaps remain in the economic and health spheres. Given the continued widening of the economic gender gap, it will now not be closed for another 217 years.

The Dream Gap for Girls

As girls get older, their confidence decreases – from 56 per cent of girls viewing themselves as confident at 10, to 44 per cent by the time they reach 17, to just 27 per cent when they reach adulthood (18-25).  

She’s Price(d)less

Australian women graduate from university in equal numbers to men, but they don’t progress through the workforce at the same rate. Data collected by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency shows that just one in four key management personnel and one in eight CEOs are women.

Domestic Violence 1 AHRC Fact Sheet

This fact sheet focuses specifically on domestic and family violence, which is most often perpetrated in the home against women by their male current or former partner.

I am woman hear me……. hmmm

There is not a single female-fronted act on the Top 10.Triple J’s annual listener poll of the best albums of the year. Plus opportunities for women in music discussed by Music Victoria.